September - CARLOS


Exercise: To practise supporting other aspects of the Logistics section (Incident Command System).

Participants use the pretense of tracking fuel at their site to call each other and learn about possible events that impact their fuel supply.

Gather on air to:

  1. practise on-air skills you rarely use
  2. get to know other VECTOR members
  3. laugh

Join in if you can reach VE7RVF at 11:00 PDT on Saturday, September 11, 2021.

How would you make practising calling protocol a game?

How it works - track your fuel while “events” happen to you?

Let’s “manage” fuel quantities at our sites across the city. This activity mixes the card-drawing dynamic from creating messages for ROCKY with the card-drawing dynamic from PIC-A-NIC. Each card gives you an event that gives or takes fuel.

Join from home. We’ll welcome all certified amateur radio operators into the event on VE7RVF.

Operator package contains answers. Download it through this link. Read it. Print what you need.

Check-in on net at 11:00 on Saturday, September 11, on VE7RVF (output 145.450 MHz offset -600 kHz tone 100 Hz). Finish and check out at 14:00.

Can you make it? (RSVP)

All radio amateurs are welcome to participate in any of our nets.

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