Exercise: To map out (from participant logs) where we can communicate without repeaters.

Relay radiograms across the region to get answers to your trivia questions over VHF without using repeaters.

Gather on air to:

  1. play with radiograms and VHF frequency hopping
  2. see where you can reach without a repeater
  3. get to know other VECTOR members

How it works - find your nearest contacts and relay for each other

How would you send a radio message from one side of the city to the other without repeaters?

Know a trivia question? On Simplex Relay Day, that’s the only message you need. Send it to another station for an answer. The challenge: you may only send messages over simplex VHF.

Join from home. We’ll welcome all certified amateur radio operators into the event on VE7RVF. Hop over to the calling frequency to find your relay person. Use the quick reference list to agree on an exchange frequency. Hop over and zap, you’re on your way.

Questions? Download a relay operator package through this link. Read it. Print what you need.

Check-in on net at 11 am on Saturday, August 28, on VE7RVF (output 145.450 offset -0.600 tone 100 Hz). Finish and check out at 2 pm.

Can you make it? (RSVP)

How simplex day works

All radio amateurs are welcome to participate in any of our nets.

Past Events

Dave VE7CNV, Ernst VA7WAC, Erland VE7EFK, Nick VE7NTX, Richard VE7PNP, Jessé VE7DET.