P223.1: Data and Packet Setup Night


To learn about using packet radio and/or share your experiences with others. Good for just starting out with data or helping others get going.

Format: 45 minute hands-on session

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You’ll learn the most if you can bring your own laptop, radio and cable. If you would like to practice using VECTOR equipment, please contact the coach before attending the session.

Every attendeed installs and configures the packet radio clients VECTOR uses, then practises sending and receiving messages.

A hands-on session, 45 minutes at E-COMM Media Room.

  1. Set up Winlink Express on a computer
  2. Set up VCTPacket on a computer
  3. Discuss VCTPacket Guide
  4. Send and receive a few messages

Prepare at home:

  1. Download software packages
  2. Get an account with Winlink.org

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Download software packages

Packet Documentation and Software for members

Get account with Winlink.org

Exclusive for amateur radio operators: [email protected].

  1. Email Winlink over radio through client software such as Winlink Express (OR use the form in Winlink Express over Telnet). Help: Basic Configuration covers the details. Write your password and recovery email address in the message without using your password to connect.
  2. Connect once more to Winlink without your password to get your confirmation message.
  3. Put your password into your client software settings. You will need your password to log in from now on.

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Respecting and supporting each other

We behave in a manner which shows respect to each other, the organizers and the public. We remember how we represent a community fortunate to have the support of the broader community.

We conduct ourselves in a manner so that no person at the venue, through social media online or otherwise shall be offended, hurt, discouraged, or hindered in any way from participating to the best of their ability. We help everyone enjoy the atmosphere of fun, challenge, spirited competition and mutual support.

We reprimand any person breaching this code of conduct.

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