P251: LoRa Hands On


To get familiar with what LoRa can do.

Format: In-person workshop with VECTOR’s LoRa test units.

Gather at City Hall to casually explore what the LoRa units can do together.

RSVP and Sign Up

Members who bring laptops can work through programming the units. (PlatformIO)

In 2022, VECTOR tested using LoRa for APRS. We set up gateways and trackers. We organized messaging times to test sending and receiving messages.

About the LoRa Test, and results from the test.

VECTOR was able to send and receive APRS data at high resolution from Horseshoe Bay to northern Kerrisdale.

LoRa uses very low power to reliably send extremely short messages.

Respecting and supporting each other

We behave in a manner which shows respect to each other, the organizers and the public. We remember how we represent a community fortunate to have the support of the broader community.

We conduct ourselves in a manner so that no person at the venue, through social media online or otherwise shall be offended, hurt, discouraged, or hindered in any way from participating to the best of their ability. We help everyone enjoy the atmosphere of fun, challenge, spirited competition and mutual support.

We reprimand any person breaching this code of conduct.

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