Net Control Apprenticeship


To prepare VECTOR members to serve as net control operators.

Format: 1 session per month over 9 months

Learn how to, serve as one, and coach another net control operator for VECTOR’s weekly nets. One Wednesday each month over 9 month period. Your chance to help keep the nets going.

Net Control Operators both host weekly nets and serve at medical-volunteer coordination posts during large civic events. The Radio Skills Course and exercises are better when net control operators help.

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  1. Initial workshop
  2. Log nets shadowing another net control operator (3 nets)
  3. Serve as net control operator for a full rotation (3 nets)
  4. Coach another member (3 nets)

Learn and reinforce skill you need to be an effective control operator. Become able to manage a busy radio net.

Imagine a controlled on-air meeting. Directed nets are key tools during emergency response.

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A radio net is formed by a group of radio operators convening for a specific purpose. Formal nets are usually directed by a net control station or operator and during planned event and emergency activations there is a great need for experienced net control operators. VECTOR provides training opportunities guided by an on-site mentor allowing you to gain the experience required to be able to step into the net control operator role when needed.

Respecting and supporting each other

We behave in a manner which shows respect to each other, the organizers and the public. We remember how we represent a community fortunate to have the support of the broader community.

We conduct ourselves in a manner so that no person at the venue, through social media online or otherwise shall be offended, hurt, discouraged, or hindered in any way from participating to the best of their ability. We help everyone enjoy the atmosphere of fun, challenge, spirited competition and mutual support.

We reprimand any person breaching this code of conduct.

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