Radio Skills Course


To prepare VECTOR members for service. Next step between Basic Certification and Operator School.

Format: 4 weekly workshops with weekly nets

Build both theoretical knowledge and experience to operate comfortably on-air. Natural next step after radio certificate and still good for refreshing skills.

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Week Date Module Instructor
1 01/17 Operating Simplex Andrew VA7YAA
1 Operating on Repeaters Andrew VA7YAA
1 01/19 Instructional Net Darryl VA7DPO
2 01/24 Using Directed Nets Andrew VA7YAA
2 Radiograms: Effective Messaging Darryl VA7DPO
2 01/26 Instructional Net Darryl VA7DPO
3 01/31 Packet Radio Overview Andrew VA7YAA
3 About APRS Open
3 Digital Voice Overview Open
3 About VECTOR G&G Kits Richard VE7PNP
3 02/02 Instructional Net Darryl VA7DPO
4 02/07 HF and CW Open
4 About VECTOR Jesse VE7DET
4 How to Buy the Right Radio(s) for You Open


  • one night each week for 4 weeks
  • weekly evening nets - for 4 weeks
  • pattern often spans 5 weeks overall to allow us to loan radios to members for the 4 practice nets

Expect fun homework getting on the air with classmates to practice simplex and repeater operation as well as the formal practice nets. Each practice net gives you room to stretch your radio skills.

Current Coordinators:

Component Coordinator
Classes Andrew Walker VA7YAA
Nets Darryl Pogue VA7DPO


Training overview and article in 2016 The Canadian Amateur magazine.

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