Teach Basic Amateur Radio Proficiency


To help others become amateur radio operators when you present one of the modules for VECTOR’s Basic Amateur Radio Proficiency Course. You can also help students feel more comfortable using Zoom.

Format: 6 week course (details)

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Choose how you help:

Instructors - help people understand the material, share your experience, answer questions during class

Session Aides - help the instructors see all the questions in the online session and make learning in Zoom easier for students

Course Coordinators - coordinate the moving parts inside a successful course: register students, organize instructors, get session aides, distribute course materials, and administer the program, with support from a board liaison.

Session Pattern

  • 6 weekends in a session
  • up to 3 Sessions each year: Winter (January), Spring (March), Autumn (September)

Respecting and supporting each other

We behave in a manner which shows respect to each other, the organizers and the public. We remember how we represent a community fortunate to have the support of the broader community.

We conduct ourselves in a manner so that no person at the venue, through social media online or otherwise shall be offended, hurt, discouraged, or hindered in any way from participating to the best of their ability. We help everyone enjoy the atmosphere of fun, challenge, spirited competition and mutual support.

We reprimand any person breaching this code of conduct.

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