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VECTOR Repeater Picanic Event

August 8 Repeater Pic-a-nic?

Let’s have fun together on air Saturday, August 8, using calling protocol and interrupting each other for a couple of hours playing a “picnic” game. Catch you there at 13:30?

(Update: 2020-07-30)

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VECTOR Simplex Relay Event

July 11 Simplex Relay: VHF in the City without a repeater?

Let’s have fun together on air Saturday, July 11, playing with radiograms and VHF frequency hopping for a couple of hours sharing trivia questions. Catch you there at 11 am (RSVP)?

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Tale of Two Packets

Getting to a Packet Radio BBS, a tale of two packets Attending a VECTOR packet night has shown me a couple of ways we can explore packet radio beyond the message transfers we do in RMS Winlink (or Pat) and VCTPacket. Continue reading (700 words)...